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Julian Giron's Artist Books

like oxygen, we are never aware of the feeling of being alive.



I really enjoyed this lecture that Professor Stringfellow gave. She gave me great insight on the graduate program at SDSU. Although i was still unsure about what kind of program they had there, i was relieved to know that there is studio/fine arts @ SDSU. It really made me think about my future and i really want to apply at SDSU.

I really found her lecture about the homestead project very interesting. She explained a lot of stories of the people who use to live in those homesteads and those people had great stories themselves. Professor Stringfellow really seems passionate about the work she does, and she chose a great thing to document because people who use to live and still live in those homesteads are passionate people. What i really found amazing was the tour you can take to see some of the homesteads, all you have to do is drive down the 5 and have the pdf and audio file with you.

The Salton Sea project was astonishing i thought. When she was explaining about the community around the sea i found it interesting to know that people make a living with all the salt in the sea. She then explained that the fish living at the sea die because of the salinity of the sea. She showed us pictures of a torn apart Tilapia, it was gross to see it pulled apart like that.

Overall, i believe i learned a lot about some people’s passions in life. If i can devote my life to tell a story through art i believe i will become a great person myself.

i need to edit these, because they came out too bright.
but these are just items from Korea that i have kept.

This was probably the most craziest thing ive seen in Installation Art so far this semester. I have never seen anything like this and i thought it was really interesting. Caitlin Fisher’s pieces was a take on how we perceive reality. Caitlin used a program which let her post videos on pictures using censors. When the camera would pan to a picture it would tell a narrative. Each picture the camera would go to, played a different narrative. It was very interactive. For her second piece she held up a censor to the camera, and a 3D picture came up and also told a narrative. Although i was unsure of what the narratives were talking about.
I got a good understanding of what she was trying to portray and what she as trying to show with her installation pieces. A couple questions came up on if in society today, are we becoming more technological. I believe this is true because our society has become hooked on technology and kids today rather play video games, use the internet. Our world is becoming more “convenient”. And information can be given to us within no time at all.