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Julian Giron's Artist Books

like oxygen, we are never aware of the feeling of being alive.

From the years of studying art, i came across a really good artist by the name of Barbara Kruger. Kruger is definitely one of the artists that has inspired me through out the years because of how powerful her work is. Her excellent work with text shows the viewer and makes them think about social issues. Her powerful art expresses views in woman’s rights and how women are quickly stereotyped into different classes.

I really like how Kruger applies text to her work. She seems to use the same type of texts in her pieces but she uses different sizes. Even though the majority of her art is 2D she has a nice way with perspective and thats what i like about her the most.

Barbara Kruger is one of the first artists to apply found pictures and use them in her artwork. She incorporates many pictures and applies them to her views. She is also very aggressive with her art work which helps her get the overall theme across to viewers who might be skeptical. Her main ideas have to do about sexism and she has been criticized for that. According to Wikipedia, she states “I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t.”


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