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like oxygen, we are never aware of the feeling of being alive.

I really do enjoy all of the exhibitions MOPA has had through out my semesters here at CSUSM. Streetwise: Masters of the 60’s did not fall short of amazing. I really liked the whole ambiance and theme of this exhibit. It felt more retro and more vintage than other shows. Probably because the photos in this exhibit were very truthful and very unique. The expression of the people’s faces in the various photos made the show more earthy and more interesting.The 60’s was a very racist time for people of color in the U.S and this show definitely reminded us that the U.S was a bad place to live in the 60’s. And it even reminded us that in some parts is still a bad place to live because of all the violence. Balboa park is more lively on Tuesdays because some of the museums are free to students.

So there was a lot of people in MOPA. One of the artists i thought that took great photographs was Diane Arbus. Diane Arbus’ photos were very nice i thought. I have learned to critique photos more and i realized that Arbus’ photos had a certain thing about them. All of the people in her photos had unique expressions and it seemed very sad in a way. I noticed that most of the photos in this exhibit is very sad and i know because the over all theme showed the lines between being white and a person of color. Aside from that, Arbus’ photos showed more of the unseen “street”.

Her photos were different and the people that she took pictures of had a certain look, and just by looking at her photos you knew that this was an “Arbus” photo. I really enjoyed the other artist’s photos in MOPA, it was just an overall great show. When he hear the word “street” we think more of an Urban picture, and this show showed that in all aspects.


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