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Julian Giron's Artist Books

like oxygen, we are never aware of the feeling of being alive.

Talk about being inspired.Ash Thorp came to speak in our Artist books class and it was really amazing to see an alumni art student from our school make it out in the real world. After graduating from CSUSM, Ash got a job at an LA studio called Prologue. He did amazing stuff for movies such as Rango, Thor, and the Tourist. All of his artwork were from working from Photoshop, and needless to say they were amazing. He also talked about his process and went over each step of what he did from one of his works. He also showed us some stuff from upcoming games such as Ninja Guiden and Medal of Honor. I have probably never have been so inspired in my life.

Maybe because he also came from a drawing and painting background like me. I really found it interesting that he is so knowledgeable about stuff that more traditional artists never have touched before. I also came from a drawing and painting background, and when i first came to CSUSM i was so lost. I had to learn new programs like Photoshop and illustrator, as well as Lightroom and In Design. Although i dont have a good grasp of them, i am working hard to do so. Ash inspired me to learn more about these programs and become a better artist. I graduate in May and i want to make sure i take a lot from my final semester here at CSUSM.


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