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Julian Giron's Artist Books

like oxygen, we are never aware of the feeling of being alive.

I really like Donald Lipski’s work because of the fact that i have never really seen an artist use books in art. Since this is my first time learning about a certain artist i thought all of his works were very interesting. The way that he can manipulate books and manipulate pages really shocked me because i have never seen this before. Although most of the work i have seen from him were him using various books, he also tends to work with other objects. It seems like her is well rounded in installation, especially with books. Most of his works are really huge installations and have several different meanings to them.

One of my favorite installations from him would have to be the one called “Good as Gold”. This installation shows many books stacked together making a huge circle. I definitely got the meaning of this just by the title. I feel as if since technology is zooming by us, we forget that we can learn a lot from books and we could learn a lot from the past.

Ideas like this make me want to look more into book installation artists. This stuff really makes me happy.


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